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E3 2011 : El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron

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A game that got a lot of underground buzz at last year’s E3, El Shaddai, was available to play on this year’s show floor. It’s designed by one of the characters designers from Okami and Devil May Cry, so it’s something I naturally jumped at the chance to play. It’s an action game headed for for the PS3 and Xbox 360 that sports some rather unique visuals, and a rather interesting narrative that’s based on ancient Religious literature.

It’s inspired by the Book of Enoch, one of the non-canon books of the old testament. It follows Enoch, a divine priest who must find and destroy fallen angels to prevent the end of the world. It may sound odd, and it certainly is.; a highly stylised beat em up take on the bible? It’s most arresting aspect isn’t its take on religion though; what sets it apart from just about everything is its unique and interest, almost abstract visual style. Thankfully it’s not just about being graphically striking; it plays quite well, combining Devil May Cry like action with 3D and 2 platforming.

In my hands on time with the game I got to use two of the games 3 primary weapons; The first weapon is the Arch, a curved blade .The second weapon is the Gale,like Okami’s ring weapons  that allows the user to fire small darts in rapid succession. It also grants users a fast dash. Weapons are acquired by stealing them from your demonic enemies and purifying them for sacred use.

Here’s a trailer; but even better is the fact you can play it for yourself right now, as the demo’s went live on PSN and Xbox Live today. Give it a try, because this is going to be one of the standout games of E3.

Last Updated: June 8, 2011

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