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E3 2012: Microsoft grabs itself a piece of that sweet tablet pie with SmartGlass

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Nintendo is heading into the new generation this year, with the Wii U and its focus on tablet gaming, using a larger flatscreen in your hands for a controller. Looks like Nintendo has an edge on its competition.

Ha! Just kidding, as Microsoft has edged them out now with Project SmartGlass.

If you already happen to own some smartphone hardware or a tablet device, then you’re in for a treat. Project SmartGlass, says Xbox Lives’ Marc Whitten, is designed to be compatible on ALL of them.

It’s a genius move really, one that just might augment gaming perfectly. And that’s the whole hook here. Everything is fed extra data through to your portable devices, when watching movies or listening to music, as Whitten demonstrates how his viewing of Sherlock Holmes 2 on his tablet, is transferred to his Xbox 360, leaving his device to feed him film info relevant to it.

Game-wise, it looks like Nintendo is going to be fuming here. A demo for NFL 13 focuses on adjusting strategies and play by play manoeuvres, while a shift to Halo 4 has Project SmartGlass on the tablet providing more multiplayer action, info and details on the environment.

Whether this new direction to expand on future games is successful or not, but once again, the gaming industry has taken an existing idea, and transformed it to their relevant, profitable needs.

As a bonus, Whitten reveals that Internet Explorer is arriving on Xbox 360, with the relevant portable devices acting as better interface tools with which to navigate through it. No word yet on whether we can download Google Chrome with it, as his presentation ends.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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