E3 2013: Watch Sony’s Conference, Live!

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SonyIf you’re in South Africa and still intent on watching all of this E3 press conference madness, then your love for video games is bordering on problematic. And that’s why you belong right here, on Lazygamer. Sony’s conference shall soon be starting (3:00am SAST/6:00pm PST), and you’ll be able to see what they’ll be offering gamers on the PlayStation 3, The PlayStation Vita – and of course, the PlayStation 4. And you’ll be able to do that right here. And then you can go to bed. You have our permission.

And this is it folks, the last one for tonight and if our secret espionage has gone to plan we have both Darryn and Geoff live blogging this one for you

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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