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E3 2014 – Batman Arkham Knight will punch true fear into you

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The caped crusader may be known as the greatest detective that the world has ever seen, but some problems can’t be solved with sheer intellect alone. Sometimes, a conundrum needs to be fixed the good old-fashioned way – with fists. And in Arkham Knight, Batman will have an expanded arsenal of attacks to try out on various henchmen.

In the E3 build of Arkham Knight, I got to try out a few of those new moves. For example, Batman’s stealth has received a new boost in the form of Fear Attacks. By remaining out of sight and in the shadows, Batman can now chain his takedowns, by immediately moving onto the next minion in range after springing a choke-hold surprise on the initial unlucky creep.

This attack can take down up to three enemies, but it won’t be available if a group of goons happen to know that you’re in the area. Combat has also been evolved in Arkham Knight. On the surface, batman still has his usual tricks. He can move around the arena with ease, clobber his way through perps and block/dodge/counter attacks with well-timed button presses.

What’s new however, is that these attacks can now be used in new ways. For instance, using the bat-claw to grapple an enemy would usually lead to a stiff clothesline from the dark knight, but he can now carry on with that attack with another well-timed button press, where he’ll catch the punching bag in mid-air and slam him down for extra damage.

Counters can now also be used to knock down more enemies, as Batman can throw his opponent into a wall of oncoming repeat offenders. Alongside a few new enemy variants who possess quicker reflexes and tougher hides, Batman can now also use environmental takedowns, smashing heads in fuse-boxes and remote controlling the Batmobile to stun targets with a few rubber bullets during the heat of battle.

Can you understand yet why this game has had me grinning like a Joker victim all week? You may have been Batman in previous Arkham games, but Arkham Knight is going out of its way to make players feel like the ultimate incarnation of the dark knight.

Last Updated: June 17, 2014

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