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E3 2014 – Far Cry 4 preview

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Some of you have seen the reveal of Far Cry 4’s coop from Ubisoft’s press conference. I got a commentary-filled rundown, as well as an interview with the creative director – here’s why you should be excited about Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4 introduces players to an entirely new environment including all new eco systems. This time around, there are dynamic convoys that roam the map – players can choose to destroy them. The auto cross bow is a great new weapons that’s perfect for players who prefer to go stealthy in their approach while red barrels explode for those who prefer the Michael Bay vision of combat.

There are a bunch of new vehicles and players can now drive and shoot. Takedowns have returned from Far Cry 2, as has the wing suit.

Speaking with Alex Hutchinson, the Creative Director for Far Cry 4, he explained that a big part of the game is the strange alignment with the villain. The antagonists have always been a core part of the experience in Far Cry, and Vaas practically stole the game in Far Cry 3. This time around, the designers wanted to replicate that feeling you might get going to an old school reunion, or encountering someone you think is a stranger – the other person is convinced they know you, and acts accordingly, while the player has no idea what’s going on.

Coop is an exciting new element in Far Cry 4, and it will certainly change the gameplay. Players can call in some Guns for Hire who will assist in taking out fortifications or other actions around the map. While certain elements are turned off for coop, the majority of the game remains available for both players. This means that you are welcome to run around with a friend and experience most of the game together, only separating for specific story-centric moments.

For those playing the game on PlayStation, you can invite your friends for coop, even if they don’t already own the game. Of course, the non-owner player will still need to download a significant portion of the game in order to play. I asked about the file size, and due to the fact that during coop the players can explore the entire world together, it’s not just a matter of downloading a small game shard. As a result, unless you have fantastic, high-speed internet, it doesn’t seem like a particularly viable option in South Africa – you might as well just buy the game and play with your friends.


Last Updated: June 17, 2014

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