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E3 2014 floor plans are out! What can you expect?

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[Update] The E3 team gave me a call and asked me to remove the floor plans as they are not yet finalised, apparently they didn’t know these were also available on neogaf already. Nice to know we ranked higher than neogaf on this leak.

The E3 floor plans have just been released and while we can’t read that much into things like this, the size of the Nintendo floor space is quite surprising seeing that their console is trailing by a country mile at the moment- though Geoff’s politely informed me that it’s exactly the same space Nintendo had last year.

E3 is split (mainly) into two separate halls with the console manufacturers all sharing space in the West Hall as you can see here.


You can see the big three here with Sony strangely having the smallest floor space with a large Microsoft stand on their left and Nintendo on the right. The Nintendo main space is slightly larger than the Sony spot but they also have two other booths offset to the right, which they use for admin and VIP areas.

What’s also very exciting is that Oculus Rift has a sizeable booth in the same hall which I‘m sure is making Darryn salivate already. The rest of the big publishers are in the South Hall as we can see here.


I see Konami still has a reasonably large stand even though they are struggling at the moment while Activision, Ubisoft, Warner Bros and EA all have the same size booths.

Capcom, or as E3 like to call them, Capcpom also make a solid appearance with Disney looking at being the smallest booth here.

Bethesda’s small booth leads me to believe that a rumoured Fallout 4 won’t be on show at E3 and they’ll focus more on The Evil Within and Doom, but really do we ever know what these guys are doing?

So do you see something interesting in the floor plans above that I missed? And don’t forget to stay tuned for all the breaking news from our team at E3 2014 in June.

Last Updated: May 15, 2014

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