E3 2015: Doom–Feel that gore

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Bethesda has just revealed the brand new re-imagining of Doom and holy hell does this game take the fear and gore up a notch. The new Doom is taking off exactly where the series left off with “Bad Ass Demons, big effing guns and fast movement”

The graphics are as amazing as you would expect from a top end game and the core gameplay for a fast paced shooter looks solid with quick movements, strafing and double jumps all included.

But what really sets Doom apart from other current first person shooters is the gore. The demons look and sound incredible and even more importantly die in a multitude of amazing ways. You can shoot their legs out to watch them squirm on the floor or take off the top of their body and watch their quickly dying corpse stumble away.

Though in reality you are going to want to get up close and personal and pull off one of the many gory finishing moves which include such classics as

  • Face stomp
  • Ripping their jaw off
  • shoving a grenade down it’s throat
  • beating it to death with their own arms

The game is also sticking to it’s origins with some great looking weapons like the shotgun, super shotgun and plasma rifle but all we want to really get our hands on is the BFG which really took insane weapons to new heights when it was first showcased back in the 90’s.

Doom is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q2 of 2016

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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