E3 2015 – E3 in Selfies

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We all laugh at selfies. They are weird and awkward and not part of our natural inclination. But, we also somehow find them wildly entertaining. So here are some of our best selfies (and pictures) from E3, as well as the stories that go with them.

On Monday night, following the gauntlet of press conferences, I went to an Xbox event. The actual event was a lie – it promised access to all the stuff “without the lines” while meanwhile I waited in a queue for over an hour just to get in the door, and I couldn’t get access to any of the games on show. Still, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was wandering around chatting to people and I managed to grab this selfie with bizarre light that makes him look like he desperately needs a dermatologist:

Then it was time for the real E3 to start. I went to check out No Man’s Sky and even gave it one of our nominee ribbons for an award. Of course that meant that I got to take a picture with Sean Murray, just the first of many pictures to make Sandy horribly jealous.

But he didn’t have to wait too long for his own moment of awesomeness. We were outside the Xbox stand when he spotted one of his favourite people. I told him not to be shy, and then prompty abandoned him so that I could go to my meetings. Luckily, he went up to Todd Howard of Fallout and got this lovely image.

The best picture of day one, though? Darryn went to an evening event for Tony Hawk’s new game. While there, he met the man himself and got this picture and insane smile. I think you can see the fear in Tony Hawk’s eyes…

I went for my behind closed doors session with The Last Guardian. It was booked for an hour, but the actual demo was only 30 minutes to give everyone time to take pictures with Ueda-san. It was a bit weird, but I was still happy to take my picture with him.

Oh, while waiting for that session, I managed to snag this picture, too:

I already told you how much I adored Unravel and Yarny, but just check how crazy my eyes went after playing and getting a chance to touch that loveable crocheted kitty:

Yarny even brought out Al’s crazy eyes:

Of course, sometimes we need to embarrass ourselves for our community. One community member (Umar) has asked for Persona stuff from E3 in the past, and this time Darryn and I put ourselves out there in the hopes of getting a t-shirt. These awful images are all your fault, Umar.

While Darryn and I were making fools of ourselves, Alessandro bumped into one of my favourite humans in the industry. I wish I could have seen him, too, so you could have a sense of scale when you see just how tiny he is:

Exhausted and broken on the final day, I was walking between the halls to my final meeting. I already felt dead, so this felt strangely fitting:

It really was a great show and we had a lot of fun. My back (and feet) might be less than pleased with me, but it was so worth it for all the incredible things I got to see and play. More coverage will be coming for days still, once I can stop being fueled by coffee and adrenaline.

Last Updated: June 19, 2015

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