E3 2015 in pictures – The Sony Press Conference

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Sony had an uphill battle today. With Microsoft clearly emerging as favourites this year thanks to a games-focused line-up of stellar properties and backwards compatibility, Sony needed to pull out a big gun in order to take on the Xbox One, which was sitting pretty right about then. But Sony didn’t just pull out any big gun. It drew several widowmakers from an impressive arsenal of titles, that had the LA sports center hooked, bewildered and excited.

Shenmue 3. A confirmed remake of Final Fantasy VII. A dreamy indie game that looked mesmerising and surreal. No Man’s Sky paving the way for a massive universe. Sony had plenty of aces up its sleeve, but the most important fact to take away ehre, is that not a single one of the Sony announcements was dull.

Every single one excited, from a new trailer for Destiny through to Disney Infinity introducing Boba Fett and Street Fighter V growing its roster. It was an event that clearly resonate well with fans. Kicking off with The Last Guardian, the entire zone went bananas, before collectively aawwwing at the screen. Sony may have easily won E3 this year with that press conference. A press conference that’ll go down in history as a legend for anyone who attended it.

Last Updated: June 16, 2015

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