E3 2015 in pictures–The EA and Ubisoft press conferences

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I’ll ne honest here, and admit that some trickery was needed in order for us to edge our way into conferences that we weren’t exactly invited to. But hey, coming up with a plan is what Lazygamer does best. A cunning plan m’lud. A plan that resulted in this trio of reporters getting stuck in the nosebleed section of these conferences.

So apologies in advance for these awful, awful photos. The fact of the matter is, I just couldn’t grab a decent angle to take photos from. My original nest at EA was quickly shut down and I was chased away by security, a recurring theme here in LA. As for Ubisoft, I may have managed to sneak my way in thanks to Zoe’s devious help, but the low balcony meant that I never got to see my beloved Aisha Tyler. LANA!

Anyway, as far as conferences go, EA had a great one. Provided that you were unaware of video games and had a fetish for dashes of optimism that had been added to games that few people were genuinely excited for. As for Ubisoft they were as strong as could be expected. The real surprise here being of course, that a brand new South Park game was on the way, featuring new super-hero personas for the likes of Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman to try on. Coon and friends yo.

That was EA and Ubisoft then. A boiling wait in the sun for sports and mobile games at EA, while Ubisoft impressed with some new IPs and the return of a familiar face or two. A typical E3 press gauntlet then.

Last Updated: June 16, 2015

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