E3 2105: Bethesda shows off Fallout 4

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Doom looked alright, being hyper violent, gritty and..well, with that dull last-gen brown filter that made every game look the same. They showed of Dishonored 2, which was cool. The most intriguing, exciting game though is Fallout 4, and was the last one shown off by Bethesda at their first conference.

Todd Howard took the stage to demo Fallout 4, and my gosh, does it look magnificent if you’re a fan of the modern Fallout. The game was being designed right after the end of Fallout 3, and they’ve been working hard on Fallout 4 for four years. They’ve got an obsessional attention to detail, and it’s the details that make the game whole, says Howard.

They showed off a ton of concept art, including some of the world that exists before the bombs fell – which is where the game actually starts. There’s a threat of nuclear war; creating your character and sculpting your male character, but you can play as a female too (a la Mass Effect) – which should make everyone happy. The protagonist actually speaks, and is greeted by a company salesman selling vaults. Much of the dialogue seems to take its cues from Mass Effect.

Serene family life makes way for threat of nuclear war, of course, and has your family leaving its idyllic world for a vault – but tragedy strikes. Events transpire, and you emerge two hundred years later as the sole survivor of Vault 111. The world is a post-apocalyptic mess – an enormous, dynamic, post-apocalyptic world. Player freedom, says Howard, is the company’s number one goal.

It’s running on a newer version of Creation engine, which is really just Gamebryo evolve – but it looks good. Things don’t look quite as plastic as usual (though still very smooth and plastic indeed), and the music is as magical as ever.

The dialogue is dynamic, and so is the game – play in first or third person – and have a dog, if you like. You can give the canine commands too, if that’s the sort of thing that strikes your fancy. If the dog dies, man those would be cheap, cheap feels. The VATS system is back, allowing you to pick specific body parts of your enemies.

As expected, the game takes place in Boston, and seems to be huge. They didn’t really show off very much despite promises to the contrary, but what they did show off has me very, very excited for Fallout 4. It looks like a bigger, prettier, more dynamic version of Fallout 3, which is juuuust fine by me.

They did, however, show off the new Pip-Boy, which puts a little more emphasis in making things more entertaining – even with little playable minigames. It looks amazing. Bethesda then showed off their real Pip-Boy, which comes with the game’s Collector’s Edition – and I’ve never wanted a CE so much in my life. It works with your phone and an app, to function as a second-screen experience that actually mimics the Pip-Boy experience.

There’s a new base-building element straight from The Sims. You get to rebuild a settlement, from the ground up, using scavenged materials: building defenses to keep your settlements safe from raiders. Make your settlements your own. It’s optional, but could add an amazing level of immersion.

In addition to that the crafting system is next level stuff, with 50 base weapons and over 700 modifications on them. Much modding, much crafting, much happiness.

It’s coming on November 10 this year to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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