E3 – Completely Underwhelming

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So the new styled mini-E3 has come and gone and left very little in it’s wake.

Compared to previous years this E3 was exceptionally underwhelming. With the only excitement coming from Sony’s price cut which ended up being a stock clearance sale instead.

We didn’t see any of the big name games (apart from Killzone 2), there where no great announcements by anyone. Microsoft is now rumoured to be cutting it’s price in two weeks time but you would expect an announcement like that to be made at E3.

We have heard no news about Live being expanded or PSN getting more bulk. In fact we didn’t really hear anything at all.

Of the top of my head this is what I remember happening. Viva Pinata is going to the pc and the 360 is getting a new party animal game. Gears is going to the PC, Killzone 2 looked awesome, Sony announced a price cut that was not a price cut and Nintendo where there I think.

Sure there was more but really nothing interesting. If I had to give this years E3 a rating I would say 4/10… lets hope Germany’s Leipzig 2007 puts on a better show…

Last Updated: July 16, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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