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E3 Disappointments: Who was holding out?

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It seems that a couple of companies at E3 may have been holding out on us. According to a report from ButtonMasher:

“At least two of the big players at E3 commented about announcements not made at E3 and games that were not on show. There has been no comment from Microsoft about the lack of Alan Wake at E3 but both Sony and EA are making hints that their Leipzig lineups contain something that a lot of people went away wanting after E3, new stuff.”

I don’t know if I am more interested in the fact that some companies are holding out on some more exciting gaming announcements or the fact that it seems that more and more developers and publishers are starting to not take E3 as seriously as they used to, with Peter Moore of EA saying that we will “hear some interesting announcements come Leipzig”.

It seems as though Sony is planning to make even more announcements at Leipzig than they did at E3 as well. One must wonder if this is starting to point to Leipzig as the new E3.

source: Buttonmasher.com

Last Updated: July 21, 2008

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