E3 2009: God Of War III Due 2010

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According to Sony’s E3 showing, this PS3 title will only be hitting shelves around March 2010. What more could one say except that Kratos will be swinging his blades of chaos, amongst other killer weapons and along with some new magical powers and even awesomer combos.

And you’ll have full control of all this action once again as you take your revenge against the fabled gods of Olympus. Now go look at those ass-kicking screens!


Oh yeah the Blades Of Chaos, said to have some new combos and attacks like a cool spiderman-style grapple and pull, where you could either pull Kratos toward his enemies or them toward Kratos.


Come on like a Phalanx could stand up against Kratos? Then again could this suggest an incredible enemy AI?


The new Cestus Gauntlets which apparently will allow you to get up close to your enemies and pull off one hellova downward smash. They may actually be spring-loaded as well but as far as I’ve seen there’s no confirmation yet. The cool thing is it will allow Kratos to pull off a nimble dodge and even perform counter-attacks.


My knowledge of ancient Greek mythology is a bit rusty so I can’t speak for this except suggest that Freud would probably have a lot to say.

There’s also the Firebow, which is kinda like the Typhon’s Bane in GoW2 but apparently it fires actual flaming arrows that will set fire to your enemies and they could actually set others ablaze. Oh Oh and lets not forget the Head of Helios which is similar to the Head of Medusa but in this case it can be used like a weird decapitated torch that blinds enemies and illuminates dark area (duh) and secret passages.

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Last Updated: June 3, 2009

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