E3 may be held in New Orleans next year

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According to a piece in the LA Times this may have been the last E3 to be held in Los Angeles as the organisers are having some trouble with planning for next year.

The main problem appears to be around the construction of Farmers Field and the demolition of the West Wing. Now I’m completely unsure of how a field and the destruction of the White House will affect the LA convention centre but I’m taking the LA Times word on that*

According to insiders the other cities in the running to host the event are San Francisco, New York, Chicago and New Orleans… I want New Orleans to win as I want to go visit Anne Rice’s house and see real voodoo practitioners.

It would also make the trip from here a lot less painful.

The original home of E3, Atlanta, was not mentioned which is unfortunate as we can fly directly to Atlanta from South Africa in only 17 hours…

*Yes I realise the west wing they are talking about isn’t the same one from the show by the same name

Last Updated: June 8, 2012

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