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Latest leak claims that Resident Evil Village is coming in 2021

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Leakier than a cheese grater bucket! Resident Evil 3’s remake is barely a week old and news of the next proper game in the series just doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. If you haven’t had enough of salt-pinching rumour-mongering, here’s a new for you! According to Biohazardcast and their sources (recent Capcom playtests and emails), the game that would be Resident Evil Revelations 3 is still on track for release.

Too good to be considered a mere spin-off, Capcom decided to pump some more cash into this project and transform it into Resident Evil 8 (Or Resident Evil Village with the roman numeral heavily highlighted within that text), earmarking a release date of Q1 2021 for a proper undead rollout. According to the leak, Resident Evil 8 will be a first-person game that once again staris Ethan from Resident Evil 7. Chris Redfield will also show up, this time having devoted a hours to leg day and slimming down from his incredible hulk physique in the process.

One of the new enemy types will be a Witch, taking a few pages from Marguerite’s playbook in Resident Evil 7 and constantly stalking Ethan as he makes his way through the new locale. Which in Resident Evil 8, is a European village that hides a few secrets of its own. There’ll also be regular hallucinatory sequences that make it difficult to tell reality from fantasy, while the new inventory system present in the game will be a mix of the Resident Evil 4 and 7 systems

It all sounds plausible, and if the more mental illusory segments turn out to be true then that could probably explain how Resident Evil 8 can add ghosts and werewolves to a game that has primarily focused on undead bioweapons so far.  Hopefully a proper reveal isn’t too far off. Anything to take my mind off of the current viral pandemic and focus more on a fictional one that is far less stupid than the apocalypse we’re currently in the middle of.

Last Updated: April 7, 2020

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