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E3 Sony Press Conference: Part 3

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A Breath of New Life

With many stories and comments flying around this year that the PSP is dead or dying, Sony realised that they have to bring something powerful to the conference for the PSP and it looks like they have done a great job if you ask me.

They kick it off by announcing a new Resistance title for PSP, named “Retribution” and then showing a trailer with some gameplay and in-engine action. The game is developed by the same people that did the great Syphon Filter games for PSP in the past.

On top of that, they continued by showing off small bits of what I can call a great lineup of games headed to the PSP in the near future. Titles such as Loco Roco 2 and Patapon 2, Super Stardust, Lego Batman, Buzz and Valkyria Chronicles (which looked really good I might add).

With a strong lineup like that, I feel really happy to know that I still have my PSP and can look forward to a good year of mobile gaming, bring it on!

The Big Boy

Sony mentioned that they now have some form of partnership with Google now, which allows you to upload footage to YouTube (Which we already know) but will also give access to things like weather and news.

In the middle of things, Sony brought in Jim Lee, the comic book artist ( No relation to Stan Lee). After doing a few one handed push ups (don’t ask me, I don’t know) he came out and announced DC Universe Online. A new MMO game set in the DC Universe coming for PC and PS3. The footage looked fairly decent however I can’t say that it looks much different to something like City of Heroes.

We were also told that 80GB PS3’s are now going to be available at the same price as the 40GB consoles retailing at $399.00

What I really didn’t like was this next bit. This part’s quite lengthy, so hit the jump to continue reading.

Sony has a video showing interviews with developers all talking about why they like developing for PS3 and why it’s great. To be honest, it felt a little awkward. I don’t mean to stir up any trouble here, but I wanted to mention that it was strange for Sony because most of the people in the interviews came across as saying “It used to be really tough to develop for the PS3, but now it’s not that bad” as opposed to “It’s amazing simple and powerful” which is more what they were aiming for I would think.

After the odd interview, Sony showed off their line-up, I’m not going to mention all the games as it was all games we have seen and read about before with nothing particularly new. This obviously meant that it was time for Sony to announce its big hitters and drop the bomb.

The first game to be announced was God of War 3 along with a short pre-rendered teaser trailer. I was stumped. This was supposed to be a huge announcement, even if a lot of people were expecting it, God of War is a massive franchise but for some reason Sony downplayed the announcement quite considerably, showing the trailer and then moving on to the next game. I don’t understand?

The next game was InFamous, which is looking really cool and reminds me of a mix between Prototype and The Force Unleashed. It was also accompanied with a new trailer.

Ok, so this is it I was thinking, here comes the huge announcement, the big one, the shocker.

What was announced was a game called MAG ( Massive Action Game). Boasting 256 players online, split into squads of 8 in one large world, developed by those SOCOM blokes.

The trailer was shown and the idea of 256 players in a game was amazing. However, after the trailer was shown I couldn’t help but feel that the game looked a lot like every other Battlefield Clone, just with more players. So we will have to keep our eye on this one because Sony seems to think that it’s pretty amazing, saying that it pushes the limits of even the PS3.


All in all the Sony Conference felt like a rollercoaster ride, with some high high’s and some low low’s.

I felt that their PSN and PSP representation was really strong, but it almost feels as if they left the PS3 behind. With Microsoft doing all it can to get market share and the Wii selling like hotcakes I found it really strange that they didn’t do more with regards to the PS3. Sure some games are looking great, but I was really expecting some sort of massive announcement from them and it never came.

Either way it was still a decent showing. Sony is still looking really strong but I just can’t get over the fact that the PS3 didn’t get the attention it deserved and after the huge blow dealt by Microsoft announcing Final Fantasy XIII, I really think they need to focus on it more heavily, even if it just means putting some more emphasis into the announcements and marketing.

Last Updated: July 16, 2008

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