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EA brings the banhammer down hard on Battlefield 3 exploits

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Are you busy exploiting the hell out of EA’s Battlefield 3? Then you might want to put an end to those shenanigans, as the publisher is caught in the grips of banhammer-time it seems. The official Battlefield 3 Twitter account has confirmed that hundreds of players have been banned already, with more to come, as DICE is working on getting rid of exploit issues and other problems which fans have been vocal about.

“We’ve banned hundreds of hackers this week alone, and we are determined to punish the players who play without integrity”, the official Battlefield Twitter account said. “A patch is just around the corner, and we will continue to ban cheaters. We take it seriously”.

“That is our attitude here at Battlefield. We have zero tolerance for cheating players and are banning more all of the time.” In addition to the exploit-fixing patch, DICE is also sorting out an issue with tactical lights and lens flares.

So, if you’ve been racking up the experience points with this dubious method, then prepare yourself for a complete stat-cleaning reset of your character, if EA is feeling merciful that is.

Last Updated: November 14, 2011

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  1. Much exploits in battlefield again. The hackerbot is lose once again. People just wont stop trying to cheat i guess.


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