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EA caught selling FIFA 12 as FIFA 13 on Wii

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EA are often accused of just adding minor revisions to the FIFA title and re-selling it as a brand new game but these accusations are normally from people who don’t understand the intricacies of FIFA, much the same as I mock Street Fighter version 34×234 for being the same as the last one.

However in this claim it appears that EA have really just changed the name, added some new player rosters and music and resold FIFA 12 on the Wii as FIFA 13.

Let’s look at some of the evidence.

First up we have the character customisation screen


Okay so they didn’t change that screen because it worked so well or wasn’t important, we can deal with that but what about the in game screens?


As you can see the players have changed with the player roster update and they have some nice new socks but the game is absolutely identical.

But I hear you cry, it’s all about the gameplay and game modes…

According to NintendoGamer FIFA 13 has absolutely no new game modes, the dialogue is identical and the game itself plays out exactly like FIFA 12. EA didn’t even take the time of day to make a new menu screen. I’ll leave you to figure out which is which below

d12 d13

It’s a shocking act from EA and one that I hope the lawsuit happy Americans will jump on and sue for. It is entirely immoral to slap a new number on the front of the exact same game and attempt to sell it for full price.

Last Updated: October 5, 2012

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  1. Tbone187

    April 29, 2013 at 11:31

    Shucks, that’s just a slap in de face…


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