EA Demo's 24 titles at pre-E3 event

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EA has hosted their own little pre-E3 party at their fabulous* LA studios.

Mind you with EA showcasing 24 titles of their own you wouldn’t really want to be caught calling it small. Some of the lesser known titles coming out this year are… wow just reading through the list and I have to admit there are actually no little known titles coming from them in this list.

” Boom Blox Bash Party, EA Sports Active, Fight Night Round 4, Grand Slam Tennis, MySims Agents, MySims Racing, Need for Speed Shift, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, The Saboteur, The Sims 3, Warhammer Online, Dragon Age: Origins, NCAA Football 10, Battlefield 1943, Brutal Legend, Madden NFL 10, Spore Galactic Adventures, Need for Speed Nitro, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Dead Space Extraction, Army of Two TFD, Spore Hero, Spore Hero Arena, and GI Joe”

From that list my personal must have titles would have to be Fight Night Round 4, Battlefield Bad Comany 2, Army of Two TFD and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10…

And not to forget the Wii Motionplus powered Grand Slam Tennis and EA Sports Active… EA must be smiling this year.

Source: GameBizBlog

*Okay I unfortunately don’t know if their studios are fabulous but I am sure they are.

Last Updated: May 11, 2009

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