EA going to suprise us at Leipzig?

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Mercenaries 2

So we reported earlier on the fact that Microsoft has already stated that they are not announcing anything big at Leipzig this year (but that could be marketing nonsense again) but this time we are talking about EA.

This is just pure speculation at the moment but I have recently had some quick chats with three seperate people at EA Games in different parts of the world and the conversation very quickly ends up at the same point every time.

It feels a bit like when you are talking to someone and they are doing their level best to steer the conversation in their chosen direction… Here are some examples from the conversations…

LG: So how is the weather over there at the moment?

EA Rep: Great but I bet it’s going to be nice at Leipzig this year for the GC…

LG: Have you been watching the Olympics this year?

EA Rep2: Yes I am enjoying it… but not as much as I expect to enjoy Leipzig this year…

So I hope my dodgy screenplay explains the point here…. What can we expect from EA at Leipzig this year?

Well we already know about Spore, Mirrors Edge, Mercenaries, FIFA 2009 and Dead Space. Do you think they could possibly beat a line up like that for the last quarter of this year?

Last Updated: August 12, 2008

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