EA heard your Medal of Honor feedback and ramped up the awesomeness

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I had some hands on time with Medal of Honor at E3 and absolutely loved it but the beta that was recently released wasn’t exactly a resounding success.

EA received a ton of complaints around hit detection, lack of ammo, weapon balancing, support actions and graphics. The good thing however is that they appear to have taken them all to heart.

Matthew Pruitt, the community manager over at EA, has posted up a blog post on the official PlayStation blog and has basically said they either already have or will be fixing virtually every problem received by them.

The one that stands out the most to me was the fact that they have improved the hit detection to such an extent that you can now fire a bullet between someone’s legs and it won’t register as a hit.

Other things mentioned are an improved tech tree, better weapon balancing, improved support actions plus a whole bucket load of more improvements.

It’s nice to hear a company listening to feedback from the community and here’s hoping that when Medal of Honor releases locally on the 11th of October it is as awesome as I want it to be.

Oh and here’s a secret.. we are going to be giving away 2 copies of Medal of Honor in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Source: Playstation Blog

Last Updated: August 24, 2010

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