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EA is expecting to make $1 billion in DLC next year

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There’s been a lot of criticism towards EA and their DLC habits. But EA isn’t exactly shying away from pushing forward with such post-release content, especially when it earns them some big bucks.

Speaking to Bloomberg, an EA spokesperson revealed that the publisher was looking to generate over $1 billion in additional content revenue this year. So which game will be responsible for the lion’s share of all that cash? Football of course. And not the one with bad actors. I mean the football that has terrible acting once some points are sported.

Madden NFL 15 is the name of the game, with analysts such as Longbow Research saying that “margins on Madden Ultimate Team are through the roof”, and that the game could make $350 million in total when physical copies and DLC are added up. Or just looking at DLC alone, around $50 million. Fifty freakin’ million dollars. I’m in the wrong job dammit.

These figures are also largely due to the success of the Madden DLC having grown over 350% larger year on year, with each version remaining pretty popular until the latest annual release arrived. “People are playing the game all year round,” said Cam Weber, EA’s general manager for Madden NFL, to Bloomberg. “We’ve seen huge increases in overall engagement and usage even after the NFL season is over.”

Add to that more upcoming EA games such as FIFA 15, NHL 15, The Sims 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and those coffers are going to be filled with coin. Of course, folks are still going to hate EA for their DLC practices. But I can’t imagine the reaction at that publisher being anything more than this:

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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