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EA on Origin: Give us time!

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EA’s Origin is their rebranded download manager and the service you’re pretty much forced to use if you play an EA games on PC. Lots of people don’t like it – mostly because it’s just another damned bit of software they’ve got to install on top of Steam and all the other existing services, well, that and the fact that right now it pretty much sucks.

EA realises  – and wants to change that.

“It’s one of those things where I would ask give us 18 months to two years. And if we sit here two years from now, start looking at it then,” EA COO Peter Moore told Kotaku.

“We need to continue to add social layers so there is value to the consumer so it doesn’t feel like, in their words, ‘something that is mandatory that I don’t want.’ And it got off to a rocky start for all the wrong reasons which were mostly inaccurate: accusations of spyware. The EULA… We were clearly focused on by some folks who said, ‘We don’t like this. How can we start picking things apart?’”

According to him, the initial hate has started weaning.

“It’s quieted down. I don’t think you see the initial level of vitriol”, he said.

Moore pointed out that Valve’s Steam suffered similar negative reactions and issues.

“If you go back and dust off the transcripts of when Steam first came out, it had the same reaction. People didn’t like it,” he said. “They provided, over the years – to Gabe and the team’s credit – value to the gamer. Those first 12 months were very rocky.”

Moore says that Origin isn’t poised to be a competitor to Steam – but more of an alternative.

“I think it’s healthy for the industry to have more opportunities to go, if you will, to shop around, to find different things that you like, different content. The more stores there are for me in the mall, the more entertaining it is. I like the gamut. I like choice,” he explained.“We felt the PC business was having a little bit of a renaissance and we felt great opportunity with both Star Wars and Battlefield. Mass Effect to come. That this was the time to build out a true platform.

“It’s an open platform. There is nothing I would love more than to have Valve’s, everybody’s games. We’re talking to every publisher, as you can imagine.”

One way Origin’s been getting people to like them more is offering a free copy of Battlefield 3 with every Mass Effect 3 pre-order through the service. Keep doing stuff like that, and you’ll make friends in no time, EA!

Last Updated: February 16, 2012

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