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EA patents new anti-cheat system that rifles through your RAM and terminates malicious software

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Cheaters suck. As I’ve said countless times over the years, I have no problem with people who cheat in their own single-player games – but when they take those cheats online and ruin the fun for everybody else, they belong in a special circle of hell. There are already countless anti-cheat mechanics in place across the gamut of games, but EA’s now patented a new one.

Their new anti-cheat system will scan the contents of RAM to detect cheats or other malicious software and terminate them. The system had a patent filed last week at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“An anti-cheat system may be accessed over a network and stored directly into volatile memory of a user computing system. In some embodiments, this anti-cheat system may scan, or access portions of, the volatile memory of the user computing system to detect whether cheat software or other unauthorized software that may interact with a game application is detected on the user computing system.”

Volatile memory is the stuff we refer to as RAM. It’s brought up a few privacy complaints, because as we know, EA doesn’t seem especially proficient at security.

“The accessed portions of the volatile memory may be compared with one or more signatures that are associated with the execution of cheat software on a computing system. The anti-cheat system may be prevented from being stored within non-volatile memory, thereby preventing malicious users from modifying the anti-cheat system”, the patent says.

It’s barely different from how existing anti-cheat programs like Punk Buster work. That also scans ram for specific signatures, and if it finds them, stops the game from running. The difference here, I think, is that EA’s anti-cheat system will actively terminate wayward applications.

Last Updated: October 8, 2019

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