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EA says they will carry on taking risks on new IP’s

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Jeff Brown EA Games This is a nice story to come across, I was a little worried that EA would be closing ranks after it’s new IP’s that were released last year didn’t blow away the competition on their first outing.

However their VP of communication, Jeff Brown, has come out and confirmed EA’s commitment to trying out new IP’s and taking chances in the industry

“We can take risks because we are pretty sure our blockbusters are going to generate good revenue that allow us some cushion,”

Some of the those IP’s that I expect to see return would be Mirrors Edge, Dead Space and we have already heard Spore is getting the franchise treatment in a huge way.

Also Battlefield Bad Company 2 is on it’s way and Godfather is looking good. Looking at that list you can see why Jeff is so confident going forward.

Source: MCVUK

Last Updated: February 12, 2009

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