EA: Sony's Video Game Dominance is Over

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Electronic Arts Inc.’s outgoing chief executive Larry Probst said on Monday the world’s biggest video game publisher expects Sony Corp.’s dominance over the console market to slip in the current hardware war.

Seriously is this really breaking news?

The internet seems to think so since so many sites are jumping on EA’s comments and predicting the end of the PS3.

If you actually bothered to read the original story EA still expects the PS3 to win out overall but they don’t expect the same PS2 style dominance… Well obviously….. I don’t think anyone is expecting that and I think how this gen is working out is the best for gamers overall.

It is making sure that everyone is keeping on their toes and trying their level best to beat each other by offering us, the gamers, the best games possible… Awesome….

Source: EA: Sony’s Video Game Dominance is Over – News and Analysis by PC Magazine

Last Updated: March 7, 2007

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