EA Sports Active release their debut TV ad – Guess the target market

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There has been a lot of press releases and celebrity twitters popping up recently about the upcoming fitness title EA Sports Active from, you will never guess, EA Games.

They have obviously been eyeing out the Wii Fit with hungry eyes and have now decided to take a piece of the videogame fitness market… a term that no one could have expected to exist little over a year ago.

But exist it does and this is one sub genre that isn’t going to be going away anytime soon, not with a couple of million soccer moms sitting at home not wanting to go to gym and not liking the way they look.

I remember bringing home the Wii Fit and my wife was so excited that she could gym from home while playing a game, that is until she realised it actually works and therefore hurts as much as gym… Even so, I can bet my house on the fact that my wife will pick this up as soon as she see’s it.

Check the video after the break, and while we can obviously see the target market here, the guys will get a kick out of watching this one as well.

Last Updated: May 13, 2009

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