EA Sports Wii Titles to Include MotionPlus Support

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EA Sports have opted to include MotionPlus support for their Wii sports titles this year, starting with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis. MotionPlus – of course – is another in a long line of Wii add-ons – this one promising to add the accuracy the Wiimote was supposed to have in the first place.

Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo’s pack-in game for the MotionPlus accessory was set to release in Autumn, but Nintendo now lists the substantially more vague “2009,” leading to much confusion as to its release. EA are thankfully rising above the mists of confusing, shipping both Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis with MotionPlus support on June 16 – whether the device is available or not – giving sports fans the option of accurate waggle when the device finally ships.

EA’s recently announced Dead Space : Extraction, rumoured to include MotionPlus support,  has been confirmed to use vanilla controls – but that’s hardly a negative, considering it’s a rail shooter guided FPS anyway.

Source : 1up

Last Updated: March 2, 2009

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