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EA was worried that kids didn’t know there was a WWI

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These kids today! Okay, I promised myself that I would never get out of touch, but it seems that ship has already sailed. Sure, I might know about technology, but I’m still a bit befuddled by Snapchat (my face swap with my baby is pure nightmare fuel) and I simply don’t use words like bae or woke the way the kids today do. And sure, some millennials might think that Kanye West kickstarted Paul McCartney’s career, but surely they know how to count, right? Everyone knows about WWII thanks to killing Nazis in so many games and movies, but that means that kids must know that there was first a World War, right? Well, EA wasn’t so sure.

Over at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 Global Technology Conference (doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?), EA CFO Blake Jorgensen explained that there was some debate within EA about Battlefield 1’s setting.

World War 1, we were worried that many of the younger consumers out there didn’t know that there was a World War 2 or Vietnam, so World War 1…

It also didn’t help things that all that most older people know about WWI is trench warfare and trench foot. But once Jorgensen realized that WWI offered much more than that, EA gave the project the green light.

I think what people don’t understand about World War 1 is the technology shift that went on during the war. People started the war on horseback and ended the war with airplanes and tanks and battleships and submarines. And that’s a huge opportunity for us to be able to do a video game around.

So not only can we expect a cool evolution of technology in the game, we can also presume that we’ll be playing in maps based on a wide variety of locales across Europe and Northern Africa.

Is this finally what the franchise needs? Will this make Battlefield 1 a true contender against Call of Duty? I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. Now excuse me while I kick these kids off my lawn.

Last Updated: June 2, 2016

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