Earn Achievements in Minesweeper!

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Hey desktop jockeys! If you use a windows-based computer, you’re probably pretty efficient at the games that come bundled with the operating system – because what else is there to do when the boss is away and the network administrators have blocked access to everything other than their favourite weather update site? Soon, you’ll be able to show off those skills, because you’ll be able to earn achievements.

Yup, Microsoft is updating those stalwart, pre-installed desktop games by adding pointless achievements to ‘em – that’ll be tied to your Xbox Live account. It’s all part of something the company is, because they’re as creative and inventive as a jar of apricot jam, calling ‘Xbox Windows.’

Getting a metro-styled overhaul and a new name, Microsoft Minesweeper will offer you Achievements and Gamerscore points for doing such things as clearing the board, or losing the game. The world’s most played virtual card game, Solitaire and a tile-matching Majong game will join Minesweeper as the driving forces behind Xbox Windows. Each game will net you a whopping 50 Gamerscore – making it pointless for bona-fide achievement hunters…and completely inconsequential to the casual crowd. Oh, and you’ll probably have to sign in to Games for Windows Live, which will be integrated in to the operating system.


Last Updated: August 8, 2012

Geoffrey Tim

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