EA’s answer to Tokyo Jungle is Wildlife: Forest Survival

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Remember upcoming Game of the Year Tokyo Jungle? It’s that overwhelmingly awesome game that lets you pit a T-Rex against a Toy Pomeranian in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Tokyo. It’s guaranteed to be a hit and will satiate that yet untapped, niche market of gamers all clamouring for a wildlife-grudge-match simulator.

But Electronic Arts, never content to sit idly by while other studios and publishers appeal to a market, has responded by announcing their own wildlife-grudge-match simulator called Wildlife: Forest Survival.

It’s that age-old tradition in gaming: two publishers vying for superiority within a particular genre. You’ve got Call of Duty versus Medal of Honor; Forza versus Gran Turismo; Command & Conquer versus practically every Blizzard RTS ever made. Now we have Tokyo Jungle versus Wildlife: Forest Survival. My money is on EA’s Wildlife because they’re going multiplatform with this release. That means a greater market penetration; guaranteed success. My sarcasm is coming through on all of this, right?

Anyway, Wildlife: Forest Survival sounds almost exactly the same as Tokyo Jungle. You choose a species of animal (hawks, rabbits, foxes, crocodiles etc) and you use it take out other species of animals, but you’re in a forest, not a post-apocalyptic Japanese capital. Choose wisely, however, as some animals have special abilities that others don’t, like danger sense or brute force, or stealth. Me? I’m totally going with the fox; look at it! It looks as if it’d rip your throat out without a second thought.

The game will arrive on PSN and XBLA in our autumn 2011. Tokyo Jungle also arrives sometime in 2011. There will be blood.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: November 11, 2010

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