eBay scalpers are already charging stupid prices for the SNES Classic console

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I already know what I want for Christmas: An SNES Classic console. Unlike the NES Classic Mini, this device has games on it that I actually want to play and relive. An unreleased Star Fox, Final Fantasy and the best iteration of Street Fighter 2 ever made? Sold. Unfortunately, so are a quite a few unsavoury types, as demand for the SNES Classic is already heating up.

When Nintendo first released the aforementioned NES Classic, the hunger for that mini console went through the roof. Limited stock and availability made it a hot item, with many a scalper buying the consoles in bulk and flogging them online at an inflated price, well above the recommended retail number slapped on it.

Legally, there’s nothing wrong with that. Your goods are yours to do with as you so wish to do. That doesn’t mean that the practice wasn’t scummy, but the jurisdiction of the internet police only goes so far as the short arm of that impotent law didn’t exactly stop NES Classic Minis being sold by the truckload. History is repeating itself of course, as even the limited pre-orders for the SNES Classic are sold out. Folks, it hasn’t even been 24 hours. So where have all the pre-orders gone?

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I’ll give you a clue: It rhymes with D-Day:


Yup, eBay is full of listings for the consoles at the moment. Most of them are being charged at around $200-$300. That’s around triple the $80 RRP in the states. If you’re in the states, good luck trying to find one of these consoles, as Amazon and other retailers have already sold out. Over in the UK, VG247 has reported the same situation with their local shops, such as GAME and Smyth’s.

I’ve got a feeling that the scalpers are going to be in for a shock this time however. With the NES Classic Mini proving to be a hot seller, I reckon Nintendo will produce more of these devices for the market and thus drive down the prices present on eBay and other digital markets. That’ll show ‘em. Now please ignore the yacht and 444K TV that I bought from doing just that a few months ago.

Last Updated: June 27, 2017

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