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Economist “saw the future” in Valve hardware

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There have been rumours for roughly forever that Valve had started developing some sort of gaming hardware. since Gabe Newell’s public derision of Windows 8 and all those Steambox rumours, it’s not hard to imagine. From the sounds of it though, Valve’s hardware is more than you could imagine.

Yanis Varoufakis, an economist within the company wrote a long piece about his experiences within the company. that article’s been translated by by NeoGAF member Alexandros, and contains some pretty interesting information.

“You see, in addition to their game software, Valve has started developing hardware. Worried by Microsoft’s and Apple’s tendency to claim bigger and bigger cuts of their profits (in order to allow users access to Valve games through the computers that run their software),” he wrote.

“Valve has started experimenting with its own machines that give you the ability to run these games without a (Microsoft or Apple-controlled) computer.”

In the same article, he said he was under NDA so unable to say too much – but he said a bunch of stuff anyway, revealing that Valve’s new hardware might be a little more “way out” than anyone could expect..

“I’ve signed an NDA so I can’t reveal much more. I’ll just say that I really saw the future. (it’s not a small deal to see a virtual but highly realistic alien stand beside a real human in the same room with you, walk around the room and wink at you. And all that without a screen, a projector or even a computer near you…)”

What…the…hell? Virtual reality winking aliens? I’ll believe it when I see it, I guess.

Last Updated: November 27, 2012

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