Elite: Dangerous launch trailer sets unrealistic standards

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Elite Dangerous is bringing back space simulators this week in a big way. There’s a good reason why it’s being held up against the highly regarded Star Citizen, with some stellar visuals, authentic space sim gameplay and the fact that it’s actually finished making it highly attractive. It’s too bad you’ll never actually play the game like this launch trailer though.

To be fair, it is Frontier’s first trailer without any actual gameplay, so no one can really say they’re trying to play trickster here. Ahead of tomorrow’s release, they’ve launched this explosive CGI trailer, packed with enough zero gravity dogfights to blow your panties through a black hole.

Paints a pretty picture, right? While that may be the stuff of space sim dreams, Elite: Dangerous’ actual gameplay isn’t exactly that fast paced. It is, after all, an MMO Space Simulator, meaning in amongst the dogfights there’s going to be a lot of lonely flying, a lot of empty space travel and a lot of port docking.

Not the most riveting stuff if all you’ve seen of the game is the trailer above, but trust me there’s still plenty to be excited about. That’s even harder to believe if you take a look at the fan-made “Honest” Launch Trailer below, which shows you what you’re really going to be doing in Elite: Dangerous. But if you’re like me and have been following the game for a while, then you probably have your order locked in for tomorrow.

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So who’s joining me?

Last Updated: December 15, 2014

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