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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion has been delayed… slightly.

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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is arguably one of the biggest and most important expansions to the space-faring trader simulator yet, for the sole reason that it really shakes up the gameplay. Odyssey will allow players to disembark from their ships and actually explore planets on foot, even going so far as to provide them weapons with which to blast nasty aliens. It sounds wildly ambitious but that obviously means that it’s taking time to develop; more time than was originally expected. Frontier Developments have confirmed that Odyssey will be delayed by a few months.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Frontier says that it’s now looking at a late spring release for PC and an Autumn release for console players. Alpha testing of the PC version will begin soon but Frontier has obviously been very vague with it’s dates on this.

Speaking on the delay in a Steam blog post, Frontier said, “Much like our original Elite Dangerous release, we will be taking a phased approach to our Alpha, bringing new features and systems online throughout the period. This will allow us to focus and best consider our community feedback while also providing vital user testing on key areas of the game. We will be sharing further information including details of feature drops and Alpha plans as we get closer to release.”


Considering the scale of Elite: Dangerous already, one has to imagine that Odyssey marks such a massive jump ahead for the game’s players that most will understand the delay. It’s not like the game doesn’t have anything to do in it, right? Just point your ship in a random direction and start flying, you’re bound to come across something to do, so off you go!

Last Updated: January 14, 2021

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