Embarassing Kinect Joyride Video Hits The Web

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Kinect was officially launched two weeks ago and is already proving to be pretty popular with the casual market. Not only that but you can expect Kinect bundles to grace many a Christmas tree come December.

So how casual friendly is the Kinect exactly? Well according to this Joyride video that was uploaded to YouTube, it’s so easy to play the game that you can finish an entire race by not actually doing anything.

Now… I am not entirely sure that every single level would let something like this happen, as well as the fact that it maybe be slightly understandable to have the level lightly point the cars in the right direction, but it does make you question the developers faith in the hardware.

Hit the jump now to see the video, then have a little giggle.

Thanks to reader JimLenoir for pointing it out on Twitter

Last Updated: November 22, 2010

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