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Eminem to appear for Nintendo at E3

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Eminem Acid Ghost

When we talk about family gaming we’re often referring to the Nintendo Wii or DS and when we talk about harsh non-family friendly music few people would disagree that Eminem fits into that space.

So the idea that Eminem would appear for Nintendo at E3 seems a little farcical and when the rumour goes on to say that he will be there to announce a new Nintendo title it gets a bit outlandish.

But according to leaked rumours that is exactly what’s going to be happening at E3 this year.

Eminem is going to take the stage and announce to us all that Nintendo is developing a new game for the Wii-U targeted towards a more mature audience called Acid Ghost.

In Acid Ghost you play as a disembodied spirit on a cruise liner with a bit of a sadistic twist. The aim of the game is to traumatise the passengers as much as possible and some of the leaked ideas would be to sneak into a ladies bedroom at night and move her bed into the bathroom or sneak into Geoff’s bedroom and throw spiders over his bed while he’s sleeping.

The game will utilise the Wii-U’s tablet styled controller to allow you to draw with blood on the wall, grab people randomly and mess around with passengers in all sorts of weird and spooky ways.

The game sounds like it could actually be quite fun but then again I though the same about Wii-Dare and we know how that turned out.

Last Updated: May 17, 2012

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