EndWar Beta Starts

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Before I became more of a console gamer I was a huge PC gamer, I was mainly into Quake I, Doom and as I got older the iterations of each and then for a while I was utterly and completely addicted to Warcraft and Starcraft…

So when the latest Command & Conquer hit the Xbox 360 I was really excited to get back into the RTS genre, however while it was very nice it just didn’t quite cut it as a true strategy game. So my new hopes are now resting on EndWar, the voice controlled strategy game coming out of Ubisoft very soon.

It has been announced that the invites to the private Beta have started going out and try as I might I haven’t been able to make one appear in my inbox… Hopefully something is still on it’s way though..

Anyone else manage to score one?

I tried speaking nicely to the local distributors but apparently since we are not an official Live destination we don’t get to join in on the fun… it really gets quite annoying that…

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Last Updated: June 12, 2008

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