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Right, sit down folks. Stop struggling, the drugs should have taken effect by now. Resistance is pointless and all that. Ever heard the expression of a fate worse than death? Well you’re about to live it, as not only am I going to wax lyrical about the new Saint Seiya game, I’m going to talk endlessly about the actual terms and characters that make up the content of the game. And by the way, I’ve already removed the cyanide capsules hidden in your mouth. NO ESCAPE!

Saint Seiya characters

What the hell is a Saint?

Pretty much the foot soldiers of the reborn Greek god, Athena. Saints are tougher than the average human. Faster, stronger and skilled in various fighting disciplines and harnessing their inner Cosmos, only the cream of the crop are allowed to wear the magical armour known as Cloths. And of those elite fighters, they’re broken down into three distinct classes.

Bronze Saints

Your standard class of soldiers who serve Athena. Bronze saints are at the lowest rung of the power ladder. Their armour provides special abilities, but only cover a certain amount of their bodies. Of the 48 Bronze saints, Saint Seiya focuses on five of them particularly: Pegasus Saint Seiya, Dragon Saint Shiryu, Cygnus Saint Hyoga, Phoenix Saint Ikki and Andromeda Saint Shun. All five of them have managed to surpass the power levels associated with being a Bronze Saint, and have even beaten higher-level opponents such as Silver saints, Gold saints and gods.

Silver Saints

A massive step up from the Bronze Saints, Silver Saints possess far more power, skill and a cloth that covers their body far better. A weak Silver Saint is said to still have double the power of a Bronze Saint, while a regular Silver Saint can easily boast of being five times stronger. There’s 24 Silver Saints in total. And most of them are utter bastards in the manga and anime.

Gold Saints

Holy crap. These guys? Fighting a Gold Saint is like putting a toddler into a cage match with a rugby player. Gold Saints represent the pinnacle of power in Athena’s army, as well as being the 12 true representations of the zodiac. Each Saint has his own temple, which leads to Athena and the Pope of the Sanctuary which houses the Saints. You want to get to Athena? You’ve got to go through these guys.

They wear golden cloths, suits of armour which allow them to maximise their use of their inner cosmos. They can break a mountain with a single punch, move at the speed of light and unleash the mother of all attacks, the Athena Proclamation. It’s essentially a small version of the big bang, performed by a trio of Gold Saints.

I ran?

Oh yes I did. So very far away. But I couldn’t get away.

In all this excitement of spouting manga nonsense, I may have forgotten about the game. It’s out later this year. I think.

Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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