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Enjoy witty studio banter in NBA 2K16

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There are plenty of announcers who I want to just punch when it comes to sports. They are irritating and annoying and their voices lead me down a path of violence. But not all announcers or sports commentators. Some add a bunch of information and entertainment to the game, and it looks like we might actually see that from NBA 2K16.

Here is the latest video for the game that shows off the witty banter between Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Shaquille O’Neal and Ernie Johnson that players can experience during pre-game, halftime and post-game shows.

I so enjoy the silliness and it makes me amped to see what they can do during the actual game time announcements, too. In the same way that shout casting can make or break the spectator value of an eSport, the announcers can make such a difference to the traditional sports, and I’m hoping that some quality banter and interaction can lead to some cool gameplay immersion. But has Charles Barkley been removed from the game, or is he going to be a surprise studio guest from time to time?

You know how you know that I’m old? I used to watch Charles Barkley and Shaq play when I was growing up and following basketball. They weren’t stodgy announcers in suits explaining the game, they were the sweaty men running up and down the court. Oh, the basketball of yesteryear.

I suppose I will need to do some research so I know exactly who I want on my team when I play the game. Then again, I will be giving the campaign a ton of attention, so it doesn’t matter who anyone else is – my character will be on fire from the three-point line. Now to go find out if 2K plans on introducing a legacy program to the game so that I can create my dream team out of all the new and old basketball players from throughout the years.

Last Updated: September 11, 2015

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