Enough with the idiotic hard drive changes Sony

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Seriously am I the only one who is sick and tired of Sony changing the size of the hard drive in the PS3.

The PS3 was released with 2 SKU’s a 20Gb NTSC and a 60Gb NTSC, then we get a 60Gb PAL with no emotion engine for  PAL areas. Now we have a 80Gb NTSC for the US with no emotion chip leaving us with a total of 4 different SKU’s.

The rumours have also started up about a new 40Gb NTSC unit for the states and now a 120Gb PAL unit for Europe…That would be 6 different SKU’s and they haven’t even been on the market for a year.

Now there has been a lot of complaints about the PS3 regarding it’s price and lack of games but I am yet to see one complaining about it’s hard drive so why oh why do Sony keep on changing it?

I am starting to think Sony has a pile of old hard drives that they are just trying to work though one set at a time. If we are really lucky they might end up releasing a PS3 without a hard drive for a decent price. Then we can just slap in any old drive we have lying around instead.

 Come on Sony wake up..

Last Updated: July 17, 2007

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