Sexy Zombie by Wraithkwk

If there was one thing that really impressed me at rAge this year, it was Dead Rising 3. It made me want an Xbox One. No, seriously. The apocalypse never looked so cool. Now, you can get in on the Zombie Apocalypse… tonight!

We managed to get our hands on double tickets to these awesome parties organized by 5FM held at Tiger Tiger in Fourways and Pretoria. They aren’t just normal tickets, either. Nope, these are VIZ (Very Important Zombies) tickets. What does this mean? Well, according to the party’s event page:

If you need a break from the growls and moans from our attackers, the VIZ area will be a ‘Zombie attack free zone’. The zone will be patrolled by ‘sexy Zombie slayers’ to prevent attacks. VIZ Zombies will be fed ‘brains’ and ‘blood shots’ to keep the hunger at bay

Dead Rising 2 will be showcased at the event, and you can also win spot prizes including copies of World War Z and Warm Bodies. Or maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of a brain jelly mould. Honestly, this sounds like a really cool party – these guys are doing Halloween right!

So, how to win tickets? You need to comment on this article saying why you want to go and which venue (JHB or PTA) you want to attend. Entries close at 16:00 and multiple entries are allowed, so GET THEE TO THE COMMENT SECTION.

Last Updated: October 31, 2013

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