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I’ve been very much unimpressed with the movie industry for the last say, five years. With all this new technology and what not you’d think that movies would be better. There have been a select few that have been absolutely amazing and then there have been the most boring films since, well, the beginning of mankind.

Recently we went to see the 2012 release of Total Recall and I almost fell asleep in the first five minutes, Ice Age 4 in 3D was way more entertaining. I guess this is why I love video games this much. You not only get to interact with the entertainment medium but we find richer stories in many of them, from action to sci-fi, to romance and drama. For the most part video game movie tie-ins are a clear representation of humanity’s ability to completely muck up a good piece of art, but every now and then a fan film will surface that shows the film industry how it should be done.

ENTER THE FREEMAN is one of those films. For a film made for under $3, 000 it sure looks to be better than multi million, billion dollar films even if it is under 10 minutes long. The acting isn’t half bad, the suspense is great (really loved it) and Gordon Freeman looks awesome! One thing I didn’t quite enjoy though was that woman’s inability to close her damn mouth. Maybe she got some alien goo in it and didn’t like having alien goo breath. Who knows? Anyhow, here’s the film, I really enjoyed it and think you might too.

Last Updated: October 11, 2012

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