Enter the Octagon with Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC

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There’s a bunch of big names in the upcoming UFC game from EA, that folks who wear Tapout clothing could no doubt take in a fight due to the fact that they eat a canister of muscle protein for breakfast and can like totally klap gym boet. But EA Sports UFC might have someone else in the game, who doesn’t fight by UFC rules. Prepare to enter the dragon.

Bruce Lee, who kicked more ass than a German machine gun firing line on the Somme during World War One and was a regular upper-f**ker of various other big names in Hollywood during the martial arts boom, is headed to the Octagon.

A photo of a retail display for the upcoming game was posted on the AGB Twitter. See for yourself:


The display also lists June 17 as the release date for the game, and describes Lee as a pre-order bonus that will allow players to get instant access to “The Father of Mixed Martial Arts”. How Lee will be implemented in the game is uncertain, but I imagine that he’ll be an exclusive skin using a quick move-set in the game, instead of chest hair rips and Jackie Chan crotch grabs.

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Lee may have made his name in only a handful of films, but he also founded Jeet Kune Do, a martial arts system which was designed to utilise minimal movements in order to do maximimum damage. In other words, it’s downright vicious and it doesn’t bother with any of that classical nonsense.

And it’d be cool to see that in action in UFC. Hopefully this DLC won’t be canned at the last minute and replaced by a squinting David Carradine pre-order bonus.

Last Updated: April 7, 2014

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