Epic Games gets private Milo demoing – my hope is reignited

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A few days ago, Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux paid Epic Games a visit with Milo in tow. Apparently guest presentations to the staff of Epic are a regular thing and this time they were all treated to a live demo of Milo – Molyneux’s Kinect project.

The game was originally showed off at E3 2009 but it is still unclear as to whether or not Milo will ever see the light of day. A few weeks after Molyneux demoed the game at a TED conference this year, it was reported that the project had been cancelled. Since then there’s been no news, until this private showing at Epic.

Cliffy B was present at the showing and his Twitter feed sent out a bunch of comments about what he saw: “Oh shit Milo just curb stomped a snail!” To rub it in even more he later tweeted: “After seeing Milo in person and hearing the pitch (AND if it is allowed to fully shine) it could be like Heavy Rain and Pixar had a baby.”

So does this mean that Project Milo (or is it still called Milo and Kate?) is back on? I really, really hope so because it was pretty much the only thing that got me excited about Kinect. Bleszinski’s later tweets don’t exactly make me feel any happier though: “And no, I do not know the status of the Milo. We did not discuss that”.

Source: NowGamer.com

Last Updated: October 21, 2010

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