Epic is working on a new triple-A shooter

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No dammit, I said a Triple A game!

What’s next for Epic games? Gears of War is pretty much a fond memory of chainsaw swords for the company, while they’ve focused on graphical engines and some zombie-slaying action. But don’t count them out of the shooter market just yet.

Speaking at Develop Conference in Brighton via Eurogamer, Epic founder Tim Sweeney confirmed that the company was prepping for a new projects that included their next shooter title. “We’re building several games at different scales,” Sweeney said.

We’re building Fortnite, a PC online game which is a fun, sort of Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead. It’s a 35-person team. It’s not aiming to beat Call of Duty in terms of graphics. It’s more of a Pixar art style and a limited project in scope, just aimed at fun as opposed to massive breakthroughs in scale.

We’re building a bigger, triple-A shooter project that hasn’t been announced yet.

And we’ve also internally started developing really tiny projects with two or three guys working together as a team for a few months in small scale game development.

I like this direction.  Epic pretty much defined big budget shooters with the Gears of War series on this generation of gaming, but seeing them go off in more imaginative (and literally colourful) directions? They need, as does the rest of the gaming industry.

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Although that’s not to say that seeing a next-gen shooter from the company won’t be welcome either.

Last Updated: July 12, 2013

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