Epic to buy APB?

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Realtime World’s MMO title APB (All Points Bulletin) bombed out and in doing so caused the developer to die alongside their game. Gavin’s already written a piece on the death of Realtime Worlds; you can read it here.

 The BBC is now reporting that Epic is one of the many companies eyeing the APB intellectual property and when Epic was pressed for clarification on the matter, they did not flat-out deny the rumour. Instead, a spokesperson from Epic said, “Mark [Rein, the CEO of Epic] absolutely loves APB, and everyone here loved what they saw… If any talks like that were going on, then they would be confidential”.

 The buyout isn’t entirely unfeasible seeing as how APB was made using Epic’s Unreal Engine. What’s more, Dave Jones (Realtime World’s founder) is a good friend of Mark Rein’s and has apparently moved from the UK to the USA since Realtime World’s demise.

 What Epic would want with an already failed MMO title remains to be seen. Perhaps the stellar character customisation feature, which many fans of the game lauded, has something to do with it? We’ll have to keep an eye on Twitter feeds, but for now take out your big, rubber “Rumour!” stamps and brand this as such for now.

 Source: BBC and Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 20, 2010

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