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Epic unveils Fortnite at the VGA’s

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Epic had previously teased that they were going to unveil something entirely new at the VGA’s over the weekend and they have definitely delivered on that promise.

Their new title, Fortnite, appears to be a base defence title that is based around scavenging for things to protect your base with during the day and the defending your base against swarms of zombies / night creatures after the sun’s gone down.

The graphics are a big change from their last big series, Gears of War, but I’ve always been fond of the less realistic graphics in some games so that doesn’t put me off at all.

We don’t know much more than what we’ve seen in this trailer but apparently it’s going to be set in an expansive original world and Epic has stated that they are expecting players to be collaborative, which points strongly to an online co-op experience.

Could it be possible that the game will be set in a single online world that we’ll all inhabit where we can trade between gamers and help each other out and then it’s every man for himself once the sun sets?

There has already been an avalanche of accusations that Epic has stolen the idea directly out of Minecraft. While I’m in no doubt that they were inspired by portions of Minecraft it would be an incredibly long stretch to say these two games are the same.


I’m hoping it’s going to be more like a detailed tower defence game where I setup my tower and once it can hold it’s own I sprint down the line and start making my next one.

Last Updated: December 12, 2011

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