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Epic wants more RAM in next-gen consoles

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Microsoft and Sony can say what they like about the longevity of their current consoles, but simple fact is that PC tech has progressed far beyond what consoles are capable of, and it’s approaching time to usher in a new generation of shiny graphics. They’re both quite obviously busy with Research and development of new hardware, and if there’s anything Gears of War developer Epic Games wants from the PS4 and the Xbox successor it’s more RAM.

"I think our biggest request from any new console will always be more memory – more than anything else," Epic’s European boss Mike Gamble said to CVG. I think the hardware manufacturers will probably listen, too. At least Microsoft will. Epic campaigned for the Xbox 360 to include 512Mb of shared RAM instead of the 256Mb it was originally specced with in order to fulfill their vision for Gears of War, which has arguably usurped Halo to become Microsoft’s biggest game franchise. If not for Epic, The Xbox 360 would be considerably less powerful than it currently is. Sony’s Playstation 3, for comparison also has 512Mb of RAM, but it’s split equally between main RAM and video RAM – one of the reasons it’s so much trickier to program for.

Epic’s goal? To be able to produce the sort of graphics we’ve seen from its Samaritan Next Gen Demo in real time on consoles. "Basically, Samaritan was our request to the hardware manufacturers – that’s what we’d like to be able to do. Beyond that we don’t really know anything."

With all this next gen talk from all these developers, you have to wonder if there’s some exciting news of new consoles coming from Gamescom or TGS this year. Nah, probably not.

Source : CVG

Last Updated: July 28, 2011

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